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edited March 2014 in Lowongan IT
PHP Programmer has been missing from his home at Dropmysite since Mar
6 2014. He was last seen coding PHP on his Mac at approximately 9.45am
that morning.

PHP Programmer was known to have developed several plugins on various
PHP platforms before he went missing. He has a scar on his left arm
that was left when he was playing with Zend when he was young. He was
last seen wearing a long coat. He is also an avid computer user and
enjoys spending time talking. His nickname is js-html5-ftw.

If you have seen him, please contact Thank you.

The work involves mostly PHP, Javascript, and some Ruby. It is mainly development of PHP plugins.
Dropmysite is launching a new partnership which will bring in an
estimated 500TB of data in March. The work will be pretty challenging.
We are located at Blk 71 which is walking distance from one-north MRT.
We definitely have room for him/her to learn new things. The
Dropmyemail team is on Ruby/Node.js/Scala. And there are many other
products of located in the same office.


  • mbah mimin, ni nyari anak ilang apa nyari programmer ? :))
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