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Tea Fueled Does Framework PHP 5.3 Baru yang Unik

Apa itu Tea Fueled Does?

Tea Fueled Does adalah framework MVC berbasis PHP 5.3 yang bersifat loosely couple (komponennya ga saling memiliki ketergantungan) yang ditargetkan untuk menjadi framework yang amazing & luar biasa. Framework ini lahir dari kekecewaan pada framework lain di luar sana.

What TFD Is

Fast: TFD is designed to be fast, both in development time as well as page load time. It includes some useful classes that save you time when writing queries, etc.

Free: TFD is licensed under the Unlicense, which means you can use it for whatever, non-profit, open-source, commercial, whatever. You can pull classes from it to use in your own framework, site, etc.

Clean: We hate nothing more then messy code that breaks when you try to change it. We have done our best trying to make our code and documentation clean and understandable.

Extendible: A framework's goal is to give you a base to write your application on. If you need to extend it to fit your needs, you should be able to without much pain or frustration. We have done our best to make TFD easily extendible.

In a few words, TFD is a loosely-based MVC framework that allows you to get your code out there. It's clean and extendible so you can modify it easily to fit your project. It's fast so you can run web applications with it. And most importantly, it's free. You don't have to worry about the licensing or any legal stuff, just start coding.

What TFD Is Not

A CMS: TFD is not a CMS. It is a framework, a codebase, something for you to build a CMS upon if you wish.

One Size Fits All: Different projects require different tools and languages. While TFD is extendible, it may not be right for your project.

Perfect: Bugs happen. It's a part of software. And while we've done our best to make sure TFD is bug-free, we aren't perfect. If you spot a bug, submit an issue or a pull request and we will do our best to fix the issue.

A Magic Tool: While TFD is awesome, it is by no means magical. It can't take broken, crappy code and make it run amazingly. It is a framework, a codebase, something for you to take your code and build upon it. If your code doesn't work, TFD won't work.


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